tpty.in website was started primarily to let you know about the latest news happenings in temple town tirupati as well as tirumala which is the abode of Lord Venkateshwara swamy (balaji god as fondly called by the people of northern india and perumal as called by the people of southern states).

This website will also provide you about the latest crime news and we also follow up till the culprit is caught, thus offering you insight at how these illegal activities tale place even in the holiest of cities of our country and how to keep yourself safe from these anti social elements of society. 

We also cover entertainment news only restricted to the important ones like latest most awaited or big budget movie releases info, celebrity pics, latest most anticipated movies trailer / teaser releases, movie ratings ettc. 

Sports news is also covered giving primary importance to underrated sports men / women. As we all know how corruption in various fields ruins the whole system of our country, we try to bring before you the do's and dont's of procedures of various activities that involve ourselves indirectly giving a green signal to corrupt activities without our knowledge. 

Articles and news about health care, breakthrough inventions in disease prevention or diagnosis equipment and all other details relating to good health maintenance will also be provided.

We also provide latest news relating to education like exams dates, tips for better study practices and all other information that can cheer students to perform well in their tests.