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Rama God Slokas for Mental Strength, Patience, Positive Energy | SriRamaJayam

Lord Rama mantras for righteousness, being humble, acquiring strength and knowledge. Ram god slokas prayers for removing negativity and evil forces from our life, destroying enemies / wicked people with ease and to attain the will power to go through tough times with patience. Ram is the incarnation of lord vishnu to restore peace and balance power play between good and evil as bad deeds had started to increase exponentially and harming good living beings. He was born to king Dasarath. From the moment of birth itself, he exhibited outstanding positive qualities with courage and patience. He used to respect everyone and was the favorite kid of all elders. Ram displayed great courage by killing even the most powerful of demons (rakshasas) and keep all his people and kingdom safe. LORD RAMA SLOKAS / MANTRAS FOR PRAYERS, MEDITATION | JAISRIRAM Ram god important slokas listed below. All these mantras can be chanted one time or 3 times or 8 times or 56 times or 108 times, depend

Brahma God Slokas The Creator Of Universe And Life On Earth

Lord Brahma slokas (mantras/prayers) to shed of ego, ignorance, pessimism and other negative mindset issues. He (Brahma The Creator) is one among the three of the trinity gods and the others are lord shiva (the destroyer) and vishnu (the preserver/savior/protector). All the four vedas (holiest and purest hindu scriptures) are attributed to Brahma. He has four heads and hands and mostly only holy books in his hands and a lotus flower. No weapons are there with this god, indicating that knowledge is his primary strength. Goddess Saraswati devi is the consort of lord brahma. Lord Brahma Mantras To Destroy Ego, Ignorance, Negative Energy Brahma God The creator mantras (slokas/prayers) for destroying evil thoughts/people, negative ego, ignorance and other harmful vibrations. These mantras also help you to recognize the value of one's guru (teacher in any form). A teacher is the one who guides you to become skillful, righteous in life with all his own huge experiences. Resp

Shirdi Saibaba Matras For Strength, Courage, Happiness, Success, Mental Peace | OmSaiRam

Shirdi Sai baba mantras (prayers/slokas) for mental peace, positive vibrations in body to defeat evil thoughts and actions, good health and wealth, success in education, job career goals. The difference in this god is that even people from other religions like Islam, Christianity etc worship Saibaba in India. Most of the devotees of saibaba have experienced miracles of life from near negative situations to complete positive life event and happiness. SAIBABA (SHIRDI) SLOKAS FOR SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, MENTAL PEACE Saibaba (shirdi) has blessed his devotees in many ways. There are many famous temples in India and the most famous of them id located at shirdi and this is the place where saibaba is said to have taken birth. During saibaba's times in human form, he taught his devotees many good principles ('All are one', 'God is One' among many others) and united people of different religions who were earlier at loggerheads often quarreling with one another over one