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Indian women with the most beautiful legs, thighs pics. Heroines, models from the glamour entertainment industry who have the hottest enticing legs, thighs (smooth fine toned feet) enthralling lower limbs which make them look even more attractive, voluptuous and stylish. A woman's legs and thighs are the most hot body part that gives extra beauty to the upper structure i.e the abdomen, navel and the cleavage. Only a few heroines have got this gift of spicy legs from the nature's creator.                                INDIAN HEROINES MODELS HOT LEGS ENTICING THIGHS EXPOSE SMOOTH FINE TONED FEET List of Indian female celebrities who have the hottest legs, enticing thighs, smooth fine toned voluptuous beautiful looking feet. It needs an extra amount of hard work i.e. fitness exercises to keep the lower limbs in a fit shape, which not many women have managed to maintain or gifted with. MALAIKA ARORA She was part of movies (either as a dancer in item numbers or other roles) in movi