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Indian women with the most beautiful eyes pics. Indian heroines models with attractive eyes photos. Mesmerizing eyes if Indian actresses / models with enticing appeal and most charming look. Eyes play a very important role in enhancing the beauty of a woman. Any loopholes or odds in facial beauty will be neutralized if a woman is gifted with eyes that are uniquely attractive with slightly different color other than the normal black and either a little more big size of eyes or other shapes that can give extra grace. Having mesmerizing eyes is totally a God's gift and this cannot be undone unlike other parts whose look can be changed after some alterations like surgeries and other artificial beauty enhancements. There are only a few women in India who have charming eyes features and lets take a look at them. INDIAN HEROINES EYES MOST BEAUTIFUL ATTRACTIVE LOOK RANKINGS LIST ALL TIME Indian women (heroines / models) with most beautiful attractive eyes ranking all time list. Indian wome