West Bengal Polls 2021 Results Live Counting Party Leads, Majority Votes, Winning Candidates

West Bengal elections 2021 live counting updates latest news, party leads votes, majority votes, votes margin win, winner candidates party details constituencies wise info. WB state legislative assembly polls 2021 voting date, results counting day, lead winning party live updates. WB 2021 Vidhansabha (legislative assembly polls) important dates (voting day, counting results day, nominations and campaigning last dates). There are 294 constituencies and 148 is the number of seats required for a party to come in to power in Westbengal. The BJP is all set to pose a stiff challenge to the Trinamool Congress which had won (211 seats) with a comfortable margin in the previous Assembly (Vidhansabha) polls back in the year 2016. Similarly, way back in 2011 year, the TMC (184 seats) along with the INC congress (42 seats) won with majority ending the 34 year rule of the Left Front CPI (M) (40 seats) which was a coalition of communist parties. WB State Elections 2021 Dates, Voting, Live Counting U

Cars Rat Problems, Steps to keep rats away and stop them destroying wires and other important parts

Rats biting, chewing, destroying car wiring and other parts inside car engine problem solutions methods to keep them away from vehicle area. Rats (Rodents / Mice) chewing wires, fuel pipes, ignition coils wires and other vulnerable vehicle parts can be stopped by following simple procedures mentioned in this article. The reasons rats chew wires and other materials completely in to bits and pieces can be attributed to their teeth itching (to relieve the uneasiness caused by their own growing tooth or other teeth related allergies) or quest for food / water. Whatever the personal problems of these tiny rats, they are bound to cause a bigger threat in terms of our health, wealth (extra money for repairing the damaged wiring and other parts). These problems by rats also applies to house hold appliances and other things and not only limited to vehicles. There is more risk to vehicles only because we keep them in open and some times we park our cars, bikes, three wheelers and other four whee