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Sun God Mantras, Slokas, Prayers For Removing Negative Forces, Enemies

Sun God mantras for positive energy, courage, radiance in life. Lord Surya slokas during meditation for focus / concentration, power to fight against enemies. Surya Bhagavan prayers in English for eliminating negative forces in life and achieving success and mental peace. Surya Dev is the leader of the nine planets. He rides on a chariot with seven horses (which indicate chakras in our body). This powerful god has four hands of which three of them carry a wheel, lotus, shell conch and the fourth hand is in Abhay Mudra position which resembles unlimited courage (valor) and strength. Sun god's blessings are abundantly required for every form of life and survival on earth. he is the one who provides light and warmth and has the ability to control all seasons across the planet. Sun god is also known as 'pratyakshyadhaivam' (the only god visible to people) who is the source of life and provides us with knowledge, wisdom and energy. SURYA DEV SLOKAS, PRAYERS | SUN GOD M

Garuda God Slokas Mantras Prayers For Power, Strength, Precision, Destroy Poison Negativity | Om Namo Narayanaya

Garuda god mantras prayers to destroy poison and negativity in life. Garuda deva  slokas for power, accuracy and concentration. Lord Garuda is the vehicle mount (vahana) of Lord vishnu. He is the king of birds and the destroyer of poison. Reciting slokas mantras of Garuda god eliminates poisonous thoughts, dangerous people and other negative forces in your life. Garuda deva is the one who saved Lakshmana (brother of lord ram) from near death situation when he was attached by a powerful serpent arrow by Indrajit (Son of Ravana). LORD VISHNU VAHANA GARUDA MANTRAS TO DESTROY POISONOUS NEGATIVE FORCES IN LIFE Lord Garuda king of birds (Eagle god) vahana (carrier vehicle mount of Lord Vishnu) slokas, prayers, mantras to destroy evil forces in your life, poisonous people / things / thoughts that haunt you and build fear, other bad forces in life. GARUDA GOD MAIN SLOKA (GARUDA GAYATRI MANTRA) First chant 'Om namo narayanaya' or any Lord Vishnu Sloka to please Garuda God

Hanuman Slokas Prayers For Courage, Confidence, Success In Life Lord Anjineya

Lord Hanuman mantras, slokas for strength, courage, self confidence, success in every work attempted, 'physical and mental strength', meditation purpose mantras. Anjineya swamy (vayu / pavan putra (son of wind god), anjani putra) prayers mantras for tough positive mindset, overcoming fear / negative emotions and strength to face difficult situations in life. Chant all mantras of this powerful living God daily by either reading them with the text in front of you or from your memory any time, anywhere. All slokas are in praise of the strengths of Lord Anjineya and his devotion towards Rama (incarnation of lord vishnu). ANJINEYA MANTRAS, SLOKAS OF LORD HANUMAN (RAMACHANDRA GOD DEVOTEE) Lord hanuman (anjineya deva) mantras (slokas / prayers) for meditation, courage, positive energy, solutions to problems, overcoming fear. Anjneya swamy is the greatest devotee of lord Rama anid hence wheneve you start praying for Hanuman, begin with prayers in praise of Ramachandra Swamy.

Raghavendra Swamy Slokas, Prayers for Meditation, Mental Strength, Positive Energy, Peace Of Mind

Raghavendra Swamy slokas for meditation and mental peace. Guru Raghavendra swamy prayers for positive energy, courage, mental strength and healthy body. Reciting the below prayers will give you a lot of strength to face difficult times and also make your mind to think without getting confused during critical decision making. These slokas of Guru Raghavendra also help you in maintaining good health and well-being. GURU RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY PRAYERS, SLOKAS FOR COURAGE, GOOD HEALTH, POSITIVE VIBES Firstly recite the below prayer. Reciting this sloka will give you strength to face very tough situations in life and also enough patience to remain cool during worst times. As we all know, worrying about problems in life is a waste of time and this is where Raghavendra Swamy helps us to think about solutions to our problems without panic. RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY MAIN MANTRA PRAYER Recite the below mantra at any time whenever you face difficult times. this prayer will give you courage t