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Covid19 Treatment Options Trials To Reduce Viral Load Sarscov2 2019ncov Coronavirus

Covid19 possible treatment options for reducing the intensity of the virus and to minimise the contagious virus from disrupting lung function details info. The whole world has no clue as how to stop this pandemic right now because there is no antidote or vaccination available for this virus. Pharma giants have plunged in to testing  research and development, but this may take time. As some of these cases are severe, some doctors have gone to the extent of testing currently available medicines to see whether they help in reducing the severity of breathlessness. Some of the doctors claim that these medicines have indeed been useful to help detach the virus from the surface of the host to a certain extent and help the immune system of the body in doing the rest of the job to fight the virus. These drugs that are being considered and used as treatment option for reducing the aggressiveness of the coronavirus are Hydroxychloroquine (anti malaria drug), remdesvir (ebola drug), combination

Tirupati Coronavirus Lockdown Curfew Latest News, Do's Don'ts, Which shops are open closed

Tirupati town curfew lockdown for combating Coronavirus (covid19 / 2019ncov / SARSCOV2) latest news about which type shops are open and which are not info details, rules to follow, why everyone must stay at home facts check. Those people violating the Government order will be punished under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. All shops selling essential items (food / dairy products / medicines / pure drinking water) can remain open through out the day with constantly urging customers to stat atleast 2 meters distance and only those wearing masks will be allowed for purchase or else, the shops should not allow the people as they can easily spread the contagious virus very easily. The most important issue about this virus spread is that currently there are no or very few test kits available and majority of Coronavirus positive cases cannot be tested. Hence it is best advisable not to venture outside in the temple town of Tirupati and fully co-operate with the police officials. T

Covid 19 India Symptoms, Treatment, Precautions, Medicines Latest Info News Updates, 2019nCoV, Coronavirus

Coronavirus (covid19 aka 2019nCoV) in India, symptoms of Covid19, Precautions, Prevention, treatment and self care for 2019nCoV. Medicines to take for Coronavirus for people in India. List of important points about Coronavirus that started to show up in humans in wuhan china and is slowly spreading to all parts of the world. Now the virus has started to infect people in India also. All states are taking safety measures to stop spread of this virus. In this article, we will let you know some details of this virus and how to take care of your self. This coronavirus easily manages to attack people with less immune strength. Hence more rest, cleanliness and less panic are the weapons we have to counter once this 2019nCoV gets in to our body. CORONAVIRUS IN INDIA SYMPTOMS, TREATMENT, SAFETY TIPS, MEDICINES, DIAGNOSIS Coronavirus also known as COVID2019 or 2019nCov or SARSCOV2 has managed to sneak in to the Indian border and Indians being affected are increasing day by day. You

Tirupati People Coronavirus Safety Precautions, Latest News Updates COVID19 SARS COV2 2019nCoV

Tirupati denizens Coronavirus (COVID19 / SARS COV2 / 2019nCoV) latest info, news, safety precautions, health tips. Tirupati town latest news, important information regarding coronavirus alerts, steps taken by Government to control spread of this very contagious covid-19 virus. The TTD board has taken a decision to close Tirumala temple till 31 March 2020, but its little bit late. They must have done this earlier. Better late than never is the only thing we can say now. The main problem with this type of virus is that, though a person is affected symptoms are not known until he goes on infecting other people without his own knowledge . As we all know, the number of visitors to Tirumala venkateshwara swamy temple exceeds 60000 pilgrims per day, it is nearly next to impossible to know how and where this virus might have got transmitted. Lets stay optimistic but not dare to be over confident that we may not be infected with this virus . For the moment tirupati is facing a complete lockdo