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Tirupati denizens Coronavirus (COVID19 / SARS COV2 / 2019nCoV) latest info, news, safety precautions, health tips. Tirupati town latest news, important information regarding coronavirus alerts, steps taken by Government to control spread of this very contagious covid-19 virus. The TTD board has taken a decision to close Tirumala temple till 31 March 2020, but its little bit late. They must have done this earlier. Better late than never is the only thing we can say now. The main problem with this type of virus is that, though a person is affected symptoms are not known until he goes on infecting other people without his own knowledge. As we all know, the number of visitors to Tirumala venkateshwara swamy temple exceeds 60000 pilgrims per day, it is nearly next to impossible to know how and where this virus might have got transmitted. Lets stay optimistic but not dare to be over confident that we may not be infected with this virus. For the moment tirupati is facing a complete lockdown, but still we get to see crowded places where essential items are being sold. The local administration should organize a better way to see that there are no more people gathered at a single place at any point of time.


Tirupati Covid19 (Coronavirus / 2019nCoV) latest news, safety rules, what not to do, where not to go.

Tirupati is under a complete lockdown and so is Tirumala. Though it is a tough time for daily wage labourers and people who earn for the day, its best advised to stay back at home. 

First of all this is a deadly virus as it spreads very quickly (One infected person can unknowingly spread to more than 5 people and in turn creates a chan link which can affect thousands of people).


Remember that there will be no symptoms (ASYMPTOMATIC) for some people even after the virus enters into their system and still they can be very actively spreading this virus to other people (Without knowing whats going on). Moreover there are no adequate TEST KITS and most of the positive cases if any remain unknown.

Once the virus infects you, its makes you sick like hell (not immediately but it takes time of 10 days to manifest itself and then ruin your body) and may even lead to dangerous situations where you life is at risk. This is not the time to boast about your immune system as multiple factors come in to play. So don't take this current pandemic with negligence.


People above the age of 50 or with a weak immune system (frequent occurrence of viral and bacterial infections taking time to heal) or people with underlying health problem (kidney, lung or any other organ disease) are at extreme risk if this virus manages to infiltrate in to them.

 This Coronavirus can survive for 72 hours (3 full days) outside the body. Hence any place or thing should be cleaned neatly before you get in to touch.

When you venture outside for any important urgent unavoidable work, make sure you put on a a face mask which covers your nose and mouth tightly and donot touch your eyes, nose or mouth or any other part with your hands even if you happen to experience any itching.

Washing hands with soap for over 30 seconds successfully manages to wipe away the virus stains that stick to your palms. 


For the moment there have been no reported cases of local people infected with this virus, but it is clueless as to how many asymptomatic people are living with this virus and active transmission is going on. To be on the safer side, its best to self quarantine (social distancing / self isolation) yourself.  

As you have seen how deadly and fast transmissible this virus is, we suggest you to be vigilant about surroundings and visitors entering your area where you reside.

As outsiders from other states are not permitted in to our area, kindly check whether people from other states have sneaked in to out locality. This more happens if your area has any residential hotel located. It will be best to inform police or local administration if you happen to see these type of people. The can be easily found by checking on their vehicle registration numbers (which state do their vehicles belong). Similarly you can also check whether any people have returned from other countries during the months of January, February, March 2020 and inform either police or medical officers to quarantine them.